The Blue Explorers Resort’s Chefs – Power Food Boost Challenge

Power foods provide the much-needed energy to keep you happy, energised during your days diving. So the dive team challenged me. the Blue Explorers Resort chef, to come up some great foodie ideas that will satisfy our divers. There is nothing worse than feeling, incredibly peckish when you’re twenty metres below the blue surface. Like all activity, you need to put food into your body to keep the engine running. So here are some of my diver super foods, yummy foodie treats and dishes that will hit the mark.

Bananas: great for calories, cramps and provide you with essential nutrients that benefit your health and muscles. They are the perfect pre-dive snack and ideal for breakfast. So try a small pancake stack with roasted bananas and a side of Greek yogurt on my breakfast menu at the Reef Bar & Grill in new Blue Explorers Resort.

Spinach: is the king of power foods, this delicious leafy greens are packed with multiple benefits for divers. Easily digestible and filling, spinach contains magnesium and iron which prevents any unwanted cramps when underwater and will give you muscles like Popeye. Have them with poached eggs and spinach florentine to kick start your diving day.
Nuts, Oats & Dried Fruits: are high in fat, protein and give you all the energy you need to fin against the current. Oats are among the healthiest grains on the planet, loaded with healthy fibre and vitamin B1. Dried Fruits like dates give you natural sugar energy, I mix them together to create my post dive Nutty Fruit Oat Flapjack, the perfect post dive snack and I bake them every day for keep all our divers energy levels topped up.
Quinoa: is ranked amongst the world’s most popular superfoods. It is high in many vitamins, minerals and fibre, and is loaded with antioxidants so good for the skin too. My Veggie Salad is packed with vitamin loaded roasted vegetables and red onion quinoa salad with griddled halloumi. orange coriander dressing.
Eggs: are one of the most nutritious foods that provide the needed vitamins, minerals, protein and power that a demanding dive needs. It doesn’t matter if it is scrambled, poached or boiled, but I love them with spicy smashed avocado, poached eggs on a toasted rye bread…bring it on
Fresh Fruit: in a smoothie can deliver an extra boost of vitamins C & B and minerals, because it often includes fruit skins and pith. So great to replenish your energy levels first thing in the morning, post diving or during a surface intervals and a great smoothie is coconut water, watermelon and raspberries is my favourite of mine and our guests

My top tips are drink lots of water and try to eat something every couple of hours all day long if you’re diving again and at least for four hours after short dives. So swing by and come and try one of our diver friendly dishes at The Reef Bar & Grill next time your in Mogan or you can follow us more recipes and tips on our Facebook page!